Knobs and Tassels Art Gallery

From as far back as he can remember, the creator of Knobs & Tassels, Blake Anthony Combrink, has dreamed of making a difference in the world. With all of life’s strange and sometimes difficult obstacles, Blake held firm to his goals and devoted himself to staying wholeheartedly invested in this dream.
After leaving his farm-lifestyle in Mpumalanga, Blake has spent several years in The Mother City building Knobs & Tassels’ identity. Valuing diversity and growth, he deliberately exposed himself to a multitude of stimuli, working and socializing as part of vastly diverse cultural groups. His thirst for knowledge and enlightenment combined with his mother’s intense love of art and freedom of expression, Blake was inspired to start K&T Art Gallery.

We at Knobs & Tassels aspire to bring passionate, honest individuals into the public eye. Today, there is a dire need for individuals who are taking action to make a difference. We are a launching pad for the next generation; representing the individuals who will write a beautiful and prosperous future into the history book.


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